“Become part of the art...


Join in by choosing any eating utensil that
best describes you. Then elaborate in a text,
e-mail, or blog on our network. Wax poetic
about your charms and vices, your intelligence and abilities. Tell the world who you are.


All responses will be printed out and taped
to the grand wall of windows where the
physical exhibit is located:


Reynolds Center, Main Street
Babson College

Oct 28th - Dec 15th, 2008


The goal of this project is to connect as many people as possible to the students of Babson College and to each other. So please pass this link on to anyone you wish.


Visit the network to read, sift through,
absorb, and comment on the expressions of others.


forkknifeorspoon network/blog


Julie Levesque

“I am a left handed fish knife, which may not exist. It doesn’t

fit in well with the other knives but when found by

a lefty, everything suddenly makes sense.”

“Dinner knife, definitely. Sharp, but not usually to the point of drawing blood. Able to carve a definite path.”


“Oh, I’m a salad fork. I just like

to poke a little bit.”


“I do identify with the escargot clamp. Some may think that it’s a uni-tasker, but I say, let your imagination reel!”


“I want to be a fondue fork… long, elegant and understated.”


“I chose a gigantic serving spoon. It’s big enough so I never have to say that something doesn’t fit into my life.”


“I used to be a knife. It was a good defense mechanism, but I got hammered so much that now I’m a spoon."


" I'm a dinner fork. For me, until my last breath, life is simple a streaming buffet table of experiences and sensations and emotions and adventures and knowledge. I eclectically endeavor to try and dabble and tast and listen and see and feel and...LIVE. I'm a fork piling my plate to overflow with every single unique sentient hors d'oeurve that ensures a life fully engaged and enriched."


"I am a steak knife but m friends think I am a salad fork."